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Understanding BSL Grammar

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Understanding BSL Grammar

Understanding BSL Grammar is online professional development for those who teach British Sign Language. It has been designed to develop your understanding of BSL grammar; offering you the ability to maximise your potential and become the best teacher you can be.

Understanding BSL Grammar offers you unlimited access for 12 months, which means you can access content again and again.

Developed and presented by a specialist team, this activity can develop your competence and performance.


This package is broken down into three modules – all of which cover different aspects of BSL grammar. Within each module, there is a selection of units; each unit should take on average 5 minutes to complete.. However, you have the option to revisit each unit for further study and practice – should you need it.


If you would like to see individual terms and examples, take a look at the glossary. It offers extra support and a quick reference to the terms discussed within each module.

The glossary is ideal should you wish to go back and refresh your memory.


The quiz allows you to test your knowledge of each module. 

CPD Accredited

Understanding BSL Grammar is CPD Accredited by the CPD Certification Service.




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