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SignSpell Book Pack

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​SignSpell follows three friendly aliens, Zip, Pella and Statz as they go about their adventures on planet Earth. They use aspects of British Sign Language in their adventures to convey and explain the world around them.

There are 12 SignSpell books in total, each with a separate adventure and theme. Themes covered in the books are: greetings, colours, numbers, school, animals, seaside, party, weather, countryside, transport, sport and emotions.

The SignSpell Story Pack includes all 12 adventures:

  • Zip and the Journey to Earth - greetings
  • Zip at the Theme Park - colours
  • Zip at the Supermarket - numbers
  • Zip at School - school
  • Zip and the Animal Adventure - animas
  • Zip at the Seaside - seaside
  • Zip and the Party - party
  • Zip and the Rainy Day - weather
  • Zip and the Outdoor Adventure - outdoor
  • Zip and the Big City Adventure - transport
  • Zip at the Sports Centre - sports
  • Zip and the Journey Home – emotions

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