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BSLHomework2extra Digital - disc 2

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BSLHomework2extra – Disc 2

BSLHomework2extra – Disc 2 is a comprehensive online DVD of BSL stories to help you practice your receptive skills and prepare you for Level 2 assessments. It perfectly compliments BSLHomework2 extra, giving you even more opportunity to practice your skills.

BSLHomework2extra – Disc 2 was developed by BSL teachers and experts with Signature BSL Level 2 students in mind. It is the perfect study resource for people who want to continue developing their skills outside of the classroom.

There are 5 stories to support your learning, presented by a range of presenters from across the UK. Each story is followed by 12 questions, to test yourself, preparing you for your Unit 201 assessment. Watch the clips as often as you like to improve your BSL vocabulary and understanding.

Digital Access - This gives you 12 months digital access to the BSLHomework2extra content on the Signature Learning Hub;



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