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BSL for beginners

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BSL for beginners is an online British Sign Language (BSL) course provide by Signature, the UK's leading awarding organisation in BSL.

The course, an introduction to BSL and deaf awareness provides an immersive learning experience, with informal clips, receptive practice, short multiple-choice quizzes, vocabulary and more.

What's included in the course?

BSL for beginners was created by consulting with our language experts, Deaf teachers, and highly experienced Signature staff. We have drawn on 40 years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of learners to complete a BSL qualification.

Within this online BSL course, we will help you to get a greater understanding of different types of deafness, helping you to understand the challenges and preferred communication types of each of these. We will take you through different communication tactics for communicating with Deaf people, sharing tips on how you can become deaf aware.

You’ll learn and become familiar with basic BSL, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a conversation with a Deaf person.

As well as all, of this, we provide you with BSL resources that you can download and share with friends and family, including further reading about Deaf history and culture, BSL posters and Flashcards, as well as deaf awareness tips.

By the end of the course, you will have a good, basic understanding of BSL and be ready to explore British Sign Language further.

BSLforBeginners is Accredited by the CPD Certification Service - contributing towards your CPD portfolio (1 CPD point). 



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BSL for beginners
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Really useful BSL resource

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Easy enough to access. Alphabet and letters done.
When I switch from one video clip to another the audio from the first keeps playing, so I have two running together.
Video segments not very useful for those who have already purchased the module to learn.
Why don't you make this content free to encourage others to learn? Wouldn't that help take up by occasional users like me?

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This is a really useful resource and very good value. Everything was very clear and I really enjoyed completing it. I would definitely recommend this to others.