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Signature Assessment Signed Stories for Students and Tutors DVD

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  • Designed for students studying Signature's Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language qualification (BSL) qualification
  • Great resource to prepare for unit 201 assessment
  • 8 stories presented by Deaf people

This DVD is designed for tutors to assist their students to study for the Unit BSL201 - British Sign Language Receptive Skills, which is part of Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language.  The DVD is a great resource for students to practice for the assessment and be familiar with the assessment process. It contains 8 stories presented by Deaf people that were used as assessment material in 2007. Stories include: A Present for Mum, The Rota, The New Puppy, My Sister's 21st Out for Dinner The New Boy, Shopping and Mum's Retirement. Answers are provided in a separate answer book to enable tutors to mark their students' answers.

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